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Do hard things

matchesBy David Smith, ChurchLink team leader and former worker in SE Asia

Do Hard Things is the title of a book I am reading with my son. It is about how teenagers, a designation only around since the 1940’s, have been given a free pass for a life of low expectation and self focus until they become “adults.” Funny thing is, physically they are already adults. The book is written by teenagers and is for teenagers; their message is do hard and important things. There are many parallels between mobilization and the topic of this book.

As mission workers, we are the ones best able to speak to potential mission workers. Seeing undiscovered potential in others and calling it forth is part of good leadership, even when it means they will need to do hard things. Our passion about doing hard and important things is the very thing to spur others to get going.

So, here are five types of hard things the book I am reading recommends. With a little imagination I think you will see how these are the hard things that Jesus has mobilized us all to do in missions.

1) Do things that are outside your comfort zone. “These actions can challenge us because they are unfamiliar or even scary, but they usually become some of our greatest memories.”

2) Do things that go beyond what is expected or required. “These actions are hard because they rest entirely on our own initiative.”

3) Do things that are too big to accomplish alone. “We’re passionate about these because God has placed them on our hearts.”

4) Do things that don’t earn an immediate payoff. “They’re hard because you won’t see much progress from one day to the next and because, especially at the time, it can seem like you’d be happier if you didn’t do them.”

5) Do things that challenge the cultural norm. “These choices are hard because they can cost your popularity and friendships…But the payoff is huge: if we do them, we can change the course of history.” 

After all Jesus did the hardest thing for us.

One Response

  1. Excellent, David. There are always hard things for me to do on my agenda so this was a source of encouragement to me today. And I think it’s wonderful you are reading this with your son.

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