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Travelling Teams

matchesBy Jacob (Spain)

While mobilizing in Western Canada I saw an OMF strategy that seemed effective.  In simple terms, a team of people from one region band together and travel to mission events across Canada. They visit key churches, Bible Colleges and Seminaries, and participate in the MissionFest events hosted in several Canadian Provinces.

Traveling as a team provides mutual support, knowledgeable interaction from a variety of fields (albeit from the same region), and allows them to cover several bases at once. While one person provides a seminar the others can continue to man the booth. I know from experience that exhibiting at large mission events or local churches is more enjoyable when done by 2 or 3 people than when done alone. The dialogue is encouraging, you can take some time to get off your feet without “abandoning” the booth, and the conversations with visitors can be more enriching.

Seminars – opportunity for interaction

Another key element, especially at larger events like MissionFest Manitoba or a Canadian Bible College is speaking in seminar options. These seminars provide a great forum to connect with people already interested in our focus. It lets them see some of the how in our ministry approach. For example, offering a seminar that highlights one of our values lets students/attendees not only hear about our values, but actually see how those values are lived out in a real life context.

It requires creative thinking since event sponsors often choose the topics.  In my presentations, I used adult learning techniques to foster interaction and give everyone a chance to learn and express him/herself. Regardless of the topic, I could use these interactions to give practical examples of our commitment to growing people in our organization.

Although I haven’t interacted with the OMF group to hear about their “results”, I do know that World Team suffers in the area of name recognition across most of Canada. I believe strongly that physical representation at events like MissionFest can raise awareness about who we are and what God is doing in and through us around the world.

What events have you participated in that were fruitful?

4 Responses

  1. I’ve seen that SEND uses this strategy. It looks effective, though it does cost more. Carpooling, cafeterias and housing with friends can make roadtrips affordable. Great observation.

  2. Jacob, great post! I really agree that bringing representation from more than field offers different perspectives that the candidates really crave. Aside from differing fields, different personalities also strengthen your ability to connect across a diverse group.

    I am glad you shared your method of speaking on the topic of World Team’s values through the use of stories. We have done this locally and it gives a good depiction of the heartbeat of World Team using more than catch phrases. By telling stories, you are painting a picture that candidates can connect to and even place themselves in.

  3. What goes around comes around. Back in the 1970’s this was the way a number of agencies did “mobilization.” I remember SEND, OMF, TEAM and RBMU guys (among others) coming to our college in one car….a great camaraderie though from different agencies…

    Having manned the missionsfest booth once, I agree with Jacob on the power of a team. I was even asked to man a “watch” a few of the booths around me while they went off to speak at their seminars. 🙂 Jacob also touches on a painful truth.. WT is not very well known.

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