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Applied “Out of Context” Thinking

I’ve done a good deal of reading the past few weeks, and one author I read mentioned the following YouTube clip.  As a preliminary introduction to the clip, he wrote: “The church has an amazing opportunity to become what God is hoping it will become. It’ll take the resculpting of our organizations and corporate culture, the incubation of new art forms, new languages and expressions, new symbols, flexible ways of being organized and led, and even a fuller explanation of what we know as the gospel.” (Underline mine)  I was intrigued, and so I watched.

I was struck by the fact that here was someone trying to apply “out of context thinking” to the very message we seek to contextualize and share.  Now you may not wholeheartedly agree with how the clip presents the Gospel story, but I would suggest we consider one bigger question: What could we learn from such a presentation that would aid or influence our sharing of the Gospel story?

4 Responses

  1. This illustrates a new trend in communication. For example seer RSA Animate at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcx3kmdFd74

    Also, see the book “The Back of the Napkin” by Dan Roan. Go to his website and view some of the animation.

    I am sure we have gifted people in World Team who could help us use this kind of tool; or maybe we should recruit people specifically to help us?

    How’s that for “out of context” thinking!

    • Thanks John! I thought you would respond with insightful comments, and you did. These are very helpful. I think we need to be “curious” in a good and discerning way as to how others are innovatively working to share the Gospel story and expand our understanding of it.

  2. I would be glad to work on something like this! Just give me the word. It does reflect the trend toward easy-to-understand content. People appreciate it when you consolidate ideas into visual representations and they trust it more when it looks and feels personal, like this. This would cost, er, the price of a consumer video camera (which WT does not currently have). But we have the brain power to get something like this “down on paper” already, I’m sure. It would take priority, time commitment and initial video camera costs.

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