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A Praying Life … Together

I would like to invite each member of the WT community to join with me in reading over the coming months, A Praying Life, by Paul Miller (NavPress).  Prayer & worship are some of the core values of our WT community. Personally, I found many insights in Miller’s work that pushed me to pray in new and more deeply relational ways. 

By reading this book together as a community, I hope we can reflect on its contents, discuss insights we glean with one another, and pray more with each other and in concert together. 


I would encourage you to order a copy using the hyperlink above. However, if you’re in a place where it’s difficult to get a book in any reasonable amount of time, let me know and I will send you a scanned version of the first few chapters until you are able to get a personal copy.

If you’ve already read the book, re-reading it certainly wouldn’t hurt. However, I can recommend another work that would complement Miller’s work, and would allow you to further enhance our discussion.

There may be some who will not see this invitation in this blog post because of limited internet access or other reasons.  Would you invite them to join with us in reading and learning together?

Look for future posts about this book as well as reflection questions to guide our conversations together.

11 Responses

  1. I would be interested in getting a scanned copy of the first few chapters. We have some people coming for a field visit to Cameroon in October and would be able to get some copies to any of our people here. Anyone interested in Cameroon besides me?

  2. I suggested this book as reading at our last two RACEs. I summarize some of it for one of my presentations. It is so helpful in helping people who haven’t really thought through the practical theology of prayer and what it means to say “God is telling me to do such and such” and/or wrestling with what it means to listen to God. I’m so happy that you’ve chosen this book, especially as it is crucial that we are on the same page when we seek direction as to where it comes from and how we are to get it. And, of course, there’s Prayer Night.

    • Great to hear you have digested the book already. I be interested in your summaries. I do have another book to suggest to those who may have already read the book.

  3. David,

    Thanks for inviting us to read and reflect intentionally on prayer. As I was driving today here in the Boston area, actually hustling home to finish off a series of emails, a gentleman on the radio was inquiring, “why bother with prayer?” Fair question. It got me thinking. And I trust this book will do the same.

    I see a strong link between your invitation to deeper prayer and the post below on how we spend our time. The two seem so tightly linked so as to be inseparable. Deeper prayer requires more intentional use of time.

    I’ll pick up this book on my U.S. visit and encourage others in C & C.A. to read along with us.


  4. David,
    We as a team are going though this book, as well as many people in our home church. Great stuff. Real life examples and the emotions that go with them.

    What are your other suggestions for reading?


    • The other book that I have to suggest is: Prayer as a Place, by Charles Bello (Heart of God Ministries Publishers). This is a very different book from A Praying Life, by Paul Miller, coming from a different theological perspective (charismatic). However, it provides another needed perspective to prayer, particularly in the area of spiritual disciplines. You won’t agree with everything the author says, but it will certainly cause good reflection. Rebecca actually read a chapter out loud to me as we drove so that we could think/talk it through together.

  5. I’ll look for on kindle

  6. Lauren, can you send another comment but from your WT address? I’m trying to keep WTers using their WT address when they post to the blog. Thanks

  7. I have been sharing thoughts from this book with some of the women I disciple/train and sharing how it looks in my own life. God’s current “theme” with me, and Mr Miller states it so well on page 181 is, “We will do anything not to live in the desert.”

    It is counterintuative to live in that gap between our hopes (prayers) and reality (“it’s not happening!”) without going to either denial or despair. Personally, i am much more comfortable with despair than living “in the desert” as Mr Miller describes. Yikes. God’s will is that i stay in that desert/gap where prayers “feel” unanswered, where what i want doesn’t come true AND i continue to hope in Him and remain soft as a person. Whoa….

    I think my disciples lives will go a long long way if they can learn to recognize how they leave the desert to be in a more “comfortable” place and know instead that the desert is exactly where we are to be at times. That is where God changes US not our circumstances.

    Love the book, read a fair chunk of it twice.

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