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How Much Do You Know?

I read the following piece in The Economist this week, and it caused me to reflect about an aspect of lifelong learning:

A survey from the Pew Research Centre that tested Americans’ knowledge of world religions found that atheists and agnostics were better informed about religious teachings and religious leaders than were Protestants and Catholics.  Evangelicals scored better on questions solely related to Christianity and the Bible.”

I realize that this study was limited to the American population, and that I don’t have statistics for Canadians, Australians or people from other countries.  Nevertheless, the research does seem to beg the question as to whether Evangelicals in general have a rather limited understanding of what others believe. 

Our calling as cross cultural workers necessitates that we have a deep understanding of what others believe, what is their worldview, in order to “contextualize” the message of the Gospel and “know how we should respond to each person.” (Colossians 4:6)  However, that is not a one off event, but requires a lifelong learning stance to continue to grow in our knowledge of what others believe, how they think and what they value.

With our world becoming more and more globalized, the above article caused me to wonder if my familiarity with other religions might be similarly limited.  And that maybe I needed to set a new learning outcome.

Engaging people from other faiths is one of the issues that will be raised at Cape Town 2010.  You might want to read one of the Advance papers entitled: “Bearing Witness to the Love of Christ with People of Other Faiths.”  You can find this and other papers at: http://conversation.lausanne.org/en.

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  1. A missionary friend and trainer posts his own survey about other religions for us to take …on his blog site at http://bluepassport.blogspot.com/2010/09/world-religion-survey_30.html

    Blessings, Jay

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