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Ours Should Be “A Praying Life”

Watching one of the 33 Chilean miners emerge from “rescue capsule” and fall to his knees in prayer to thank “el Señor”, reminded me of the unbelievable “rescue” achieved for us in Jesus.  It was a simple yet profound image of what our constant reflex should be, that is, to “fall to our knees” in prayer and thank our Father for His work in rescuing and adopting us.  Ours should be a praying life.

David Powlison introduces the book, A Praying Life, with this thought: “A praying life is an oddly normal way to live.  The best our world has to offer is to teach you how to talk to yourself.  Change what you tell yourself, and your feelings about yourself will change.  Change your self-talk, and how you feel about yourself with change.  Talk yourself out of getting upset about what you can’t change.  Do something constructive about what you can change.  Those are the world’s best efforts.  It’s a familiar but abnormal way to live.  But Jesus lives and teaches something different.  What he does – and helps you do – is unfamiliar but normal.  It’s human and it’s humane: how life’s meant to be.  He teaches you how to stop talking to yourself.  He shows how to stop making prayer into a production.  Jesus teaches you to start talking with your father – to “my Father and your Father”.”

It is that life of talking with our Father that we want to encourage one another in as we read this book together.  I have talked to many who have already begun to read the book and are finding benefit in it. 

Beginning November 1st, I and others will share questions, insights and thoughts about each chapter or section of the book that we hope will encourage dialogue between us.

2 Responses

  1. David,

    I’m finally into the opening chapters of the book and enjoying it thus far.


    • Seems like a number of people are into reading the book. Hopefully our dialogue with one another will help us draw out further applications.

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