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God Is Up To Something

We apostolic workers can forget sometimes what it means, what it feels like to cross into another culture.  We can so adapt ourselves to the cultures where we currently minister that we become “one culture” focused again, acting out of that cultural mindset. Having ministered in a European context for the past twenty years, I know that I, like others, have become guarded or cautious about effusive expressions of graciousness or kindness from others, like many Europeans.  That was quickly dispelled by a few “divine encounters” here in Cape Town. 

  • Sitting on the flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, I had pulled my Bible out to do some reading when a guy going by me, taps me on the shoulder and says, “Great book you’re reading.”  I was actually reading Psalm 98 which is an interesting read in light of the Lausanne Conference.
  • As I passed through customs and out the exit, I was greeted by a number of people in yellow Cape Town 2010 tee shirts.  “Where are you from?” they asked, “May the Lord bless your time here.”  It felt sincere, it felt good, and it felt like a blessing.
  • As about 100 of us lined up to take one of the many shuttles to the International Conference Center of Cape Town, we were “welcomed” by a South African singing & dance troupe like none I have ever seen in Europe.  Their joy was explosive and contagious, and they didn’t stop until the shuttle bus started to pull away.  

I was crossing again into another culture (into numerous cultures when one thinks about the overall conference) and the anticipation, the uncertainty and the thrill of the experience was coming back.  You remember what it was like.  And you remember that though you thought it was really about you and what you were going to do, God showed you that it was really about Him and what He was going to teach you through the experience as well as what He could do through you.

God is up to something here at Cape Town.  I trust He is “up to something” where you are as well.

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  1. I am very glad that you and the other participants have arrived safely to join all of God’s sent people. Indeed God is up to something here in Hong Kong with the arrival of our colleagues, Wilson and Judy. In the last three weeks of working alongside each other we have seen the Lord already expand His Kingdom with a lot of the “behind the scenes/laying the groundwork” ministry being done. And He’s added his blessing to a course we’re working through on practicing evangelism among Muslims. Indeed, God is up to many things!

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