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God Love Motivation

You’re probably wondering about that title of the blog post.  Hopefully, it will start to make sense as you read on.

Today was our “day off” from the Lausanne Conference.  However, the conference organizers had offered a number of ministry site visits in the area. I chose to take in a visit to “The Warehouse”, a ministry that seeks to train churches to address the needs of poverty and injustice in the larger Cape Town area.  Currently, they work with more than 75 churches.

Part of the site visit included having lunch in a shantytown village called “SweetHome Farm”, which is actually home to 17,000 people.  We ate in a room that served as a restaurant, run by a young woman who is slowly but surely re-building her life, and impacting the life of others.  She now employs a 2nd person to assist her. 

Staff from The Warehouse shared how many had been helped to see how they should be involving in helping others, poor as they might be.  They shared with these people that God’s love pushes one, moves one to want to meet the needs others, and trust that He will provide for one’s own needs as well.  There it was, simply put, God love motivation.  Here, in this little restaurant, was a dynamic and active demonstration of the Gospel going so deep into the hearts and lives of people, and the practical, community oriented fruit that arose from a heart mastered by this Gospel.

Do you see the reason for my title?   I figured if I wrote: “Gospel Motivation” at the start of this post, you (like I) might have overlooked the supernatural, transforming power of God’s love in moving hearts to bring hope in spiritual as well as tangible ways to others.  God love motivation is so different from a “have to do” or “must do” type of motivation.  Today was a powerful reminder of that truth, from people who may have so much less economically than I do, and yet are having great kingdom impact.

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  1. I was struck by their “strategy” to empower those that are/were in need of help, to now begin helping others that are in situations they completely understand. Who else would be able to feel their pain and minister in a way that only Christ could to the hurting and poor! (2 Cor 1:4) Thanks for sharing this experience and love motivation.

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