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In The Busyness of Life

There were several parts in the second chapter of the book, A Praying Life, which caused me to step back and reflect.  One was where Paul Miller commented:

The quest for the contemplative life can actually be self-absorbed, focused on my quiet and me. If we love people and have the power to help, then we are going to be busy.  Learning to pray doesn’t offer us a less busy life; it offers us a less busy heart.  In the midst of outer busyness we can develop an inner quiet.  Because we are less hectic on the inside, we have a greater capacity to love … and thus to be busy, which in turns drives us even more into a life of prayer.”

I would probably have to say that I search for a less busy life rather than a less busy heart leading to a “greater capacity to love.” 

A second thought that struck me, just a few paragraphs later, was where he says:

As you develop your relationship with your heavenly Father, you’ll change.  You’ll discover nests of cynicism, pride, and self-will in your heart.  You will be unmasked.  None of us likes being exposed.  We have an allergic reaction to dependency, but this is the state of the heart most necessary for a praying life.  A needy heart is a praying heart.  Dependency is the heartbeat of prayer.”

Seeing more of “one’s stuff” is seemingly not a major driver to prayer, and yet somehow it prepares the heart to a “greater capacity to love” God and others.

So, in the busyness of our lives, let’s talk about these questions:

  • Describe what feeds your “busy heart”.  What causes your heart, at times, to be on such an adrenaline rush?
  • Why does repentance, seeing and turning from our own sin, need to be such an important part of our experience and connection with God?

2 Responses

  1. \hi David.
    Although I got a copy o f the book several weeks ago I just started reading it. Lorraine is ahead of me> Iam also reading Swindoll’ new book, “The church awakening” I feel it gives a good balance to Millers book. Most books on prayer just make me feel less adequate, so I work harder. I don’t sense that from Miller. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for the encouragement. PEA

    • Welcome to the global conversation! Great to have you in with us. Looking forward to your insights along with those from many others.

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