• Our hope-filled future is bound up in sharing the story of Jesus, in discipling others, in bringing those disciples together into communities of believers, and in developing and releasing those believers to create other communities... till Jesus the King comes again!

Joyeux Noel

From our family to yours, may you marvel, wonder, and worship the one true living God who came in the flesh to redeem us. 

May your Christmas celebrations be full of the joy of knowing that “for our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God”, so that one day around the throne of the Lamb people from every tribe, tongue and nation would praise and adore Him!

Joyeux Noel!  Merry Christmas!

When I was a child, my great aunt used to train me down to Center City Philadelphia, to stroll through the then John Wanamaker’s department store (now Macy’s).  We marveled at all the Christmas decorations, including the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the store.  Then we would stand and listen to famous Wanamaker organ play Christmas carols.  This year, a friend sent the following YouTube video, and those childhood memories came flooding back.  Except this year, a “random act of culture” provided a small picture of God’s amazing “breakthrough” into our world, as singers “broke into” the Christmas rush to sing the Hallelujah Chorus. 


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