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Praying In Real Life

I encourage you to read the last section in the book, A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World, called “Praying in Real Life” (chapter 26-32) as we finish our discussion of this helpful book.

David M’Intyre, who I quoted in “Thursday Prayer” last week, wrote this about prayer: “When prayer rises to its true level, self, with its concerns and needs, is for the time forgotten, and the interests of Christ fill, and sometimes overwhelm, the soul.  It is then that prayer becomes most urgent and intense.  It was said of Luther that he prayed “with as much reverence as if he were praying to God, and with as much boldness as if he had been speaking to a friend.”

It is towards that “boldness” in speaking in prayer that we now turn in this final section of Paul Miller’s book.

I would like to invite any of you to submit a blog post to me (international.director@worldteam.org) on one of these final chapters (chapter 26-32) or on a theme that runs through these final chapters.  Each Monday for the next four weeks (starting Monday, March 21st), I will post one of the posts submitted.

Probably even more important though is the prayer we should be praying on behalf of one another, taken from Paul Miller’s comment in his introduction: “that through this book my relatively light suffering will overflow into your life as comfort, freeing you to touch the heart of God.” (12)

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