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Prayer “Cards”

I have used a prayer list for years.  So, I was fascinated by Paul Miller’s idea of “prayer cards” which he talks about in chapter 27 of A Praying Life.  Not that I was looking for another “tool”, but I have often felt my list keeping me from greater engagement and conversation with my Father because I “had to get through the list” before I finished praying.

Paul Miller shares that “a prayer card has several advantages over a list.  A list is often a series of scattered prayer requests, while a card focuses on one person or area of your life.  It allows you to look at the person or situation from multiple perspectives.  Over time, it helps you reflect on what God does in response to your prayers.  You begin to see patterns, and slowly a story unfolds that you find yourself drawn into.”

I love the idea of “keeping track of the story” through prayer; of focusing on seeing what God is doing rather than on my ability to get through a scattered list of requests and losing the larger focus. 

It might be worth the effort to try writing out a few cards this week, not as some kind of new “tool”, but as a means to better direct my prayers, your prayers for others.

Prayer is asking God to incarnate, to get dirty in your life.  Yes, the eternal God scrubs floors.  For sure we know he washes feet.  So take Jesus at his word.  Ask him.  Tell him what you want.  Get dirty.  Write out your prayer requests: don’t mindlessly drift through life on the American [Western] narcotic of busyness. If you try to seize the day, the day will eventually break you.  Seize the corner of his garment and don’t let go until he blesses you.  He will reshape the day.”

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