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Prayer Work(s)

I started trying to write out some ‘prayer cards’, like those that we read about last week in Paul Miller’s book, A Praying Life.  It’s not an easy task.  But then I read his short chapter on “Prayer Work” and realized what Paul is talking about is not a task, but a journey; a process in which I am intimately involved with the Father, and with others:

My prayer for Bob had a familiar threefold pattern.  First, I wrote the prayer down.  Then I watched for God to work while I prayed.  Finally God provided an opportunity where I “worked” the prayer request. By worked I mean that God involved me in my own prayers, often in a physical and humbling way.” (236)

In reality, God is working to change me through my work in praying for others.  As Paul Miller writes later, “If Satan’s basic game plan is pride, seeking to draw us into his life of arrogance, then God’s basic game plan is humility, drawing us into the life of His Son.” (238)

How has this been your experience in your journey in prayer?

One Response

  1. I started using the prayer card system. I love it – when I use it, I see God work often in the way Paul Miller described in his book. When I wander away from this approach, I find my prayer life getting more general and myself drifting back into ‘arrogance’ without even realizing it. Of course its not the “system” that works but the reminder of dependency in every little area.

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