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Global Realities oNe

Over the past few months, I’ve asked a number of World Team leaders and workers to read the book, The Meeting of the Waters, by Fritz Kling.  In one of the opening sections, Fritz Kling writes: “I read a report by an international panel of church experts charging that, all too often, global church leaders do long-range planning as if the future is simply going to be an extension of the present. The report questioned whether the Christian church has the ability or desire to recognize a world in flux and figure out how to respond.”

We as believers need to be biblically wise in discerning the times and learning how to hear the voice of the Lord for our journey forward.  We need to be willing and prepared to shift the way in which we think or work in light of changing global realities as the Lord opens our spiritual eyes to those needed changes.

One outworking of this desire to discern the times is learning to listen well to one another. 

In preparation for meetings this week of World Team leaders, several working groups of World Team workers were created to provide input about shifting global realities.  A number of individuals were also asked to provide input.  This input has been insightful and of incredible value.

We will need much more of this kind of interaction as we journey forward.

Pray for us as leaders that we might listen well and discern the needed practical outcomes from all the input we have received and are receiving.


2 Responses

  1. Recently I viewed a vlog or video blog that spoke to the value of input across organizational lines versus traditional benchmarking amongst the same type of organizations. Check out this link from the mission exchange and Steve Moore’s comments: http://www.themissionexchange.org/vlogArchivesPlay2.php?m=April&y=2011&flv=21701283

    • I enjoy watching Steve Moore’s vlogs and would recommend them to all to challenge our thinking. Thanks for reminding us of this particular vlog and of the importance of seeking input from across the organization.

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