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Global Realities thRee

At the 1910 Edinburgh World Missionary Conference, delegates exuded an incredible optimism in regards to missions in light of the trends of the day.  In one conference report, it was stated: “Never before, has there been such a conjunction of crises and of opening of doors in all parts of the world as that which characterizes the present decade.”  A growing “globalization” was “evidence for the feasibility of attaining the goal of world evangelization.”[1]

Those words could have easily been written in our day.  They certainly show the unpredictable nature of global currents or trends.  The delegates at the Edinburgh Conference were sometimes on the right track, and certainly recognized the significance of a number of currents. However, they often misinterpreted the information or the data that they had because of their theological bias, cultural perspective, prevailing attitudes or other issues.

So, does that mean we should not concern ourselves with global currents?  Not at all. We are called to be wise and discerning of our times.  We must prayerfully interpret all that we see, so as to discern how God wants us to live, minister and act in this changing world.

If nothing else, what we should be learning from the rapid change around us is that missions in the 21st century will need to be even more flexible and responsive, with high degrees of collaboration with others.

More on that as we journey forward together.

Donald M. Lewis, editor, Christianity Reborn (Grand Rapids, 2004), p. 53.

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