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Talk with me

Sometimes when I look at our WT community, I see a multicultural network of workers driven by the same purpose and vision.  Sometimes though, when I look at our WT community, I see an innumerable series of silos or towers that are all located on the same paddock, but have no connectedness one to another.

Living and ministering out of a silo mentality can foster all sorts of troubles, not the least of which is a critical spirit.  When you can see nothing but what surrounds your own silo, it is quite easy to question or criticize what others are doing, even when they belong to the same community as you.

Verses such as Ephesians 4:29 can become lost to practical application when we choose to live disconnected from the larger community: “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

Phrases such as “Well, he just decided that without asking us,” or “There’s no use sharing what I think because she doesn’t listen to me anyway” are nothing less than gossip, the evidence of a critical spirit.  True heart change will require more than just a renewed emphasis on community. Something will have to ‘displace’ that critical spirit.

Several hundred years ago, Jonathan Edwards wrote this: “For as long as a man or woman is not emptied of himself/herself and of his/her own righteousness and goodness, he/she will have a legal spirit.”  The only remedy is if God and His amazing grace and free righteousness ‘displace’ me out of the center of my life.  Only then can I truly begin to live as part of an interconnected community.

Maybe you need to ‘pick up the phone’ and talk with the Father about your heart, and as a natural outflow, pick up the phone and talk with someone with whom you are struggling with, or of whom you have spoken poorly.



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  1. This is my confession of a lesson I learned the hard way about this issue.

    There was in World Team a very gifted dear brother and friend who had a powerful and fruitful ministry whom I held and continue to hold in the highest esteem. However it seemed to me that he had a silo mentality rather than a community one. He seemed to me to be highly independent and not at all interdependent as a team member. His seeming refusal, for example, to communicate or cooperate with our resource development people or our mobilization people was a problem to me.

    However, when I confronted him about this I sinned against him because I used the language of accusation rather than first seeking to discern why he seemed to minister in a silo mode. I should have said something like, “I may be wrong but it appear to me that…” I used poor judgement because my heart was not right towards my brother. Since I handled this situation so poorly there was strained a relationship for a period of time before reconciliation. I share my faux pas as a warning since it is possible to push in the right direction in a manner that is unproductive even sinful. I failed to take the Lord’s warning to remove the log out of my own eye before seeking to remove the speck out of my brother eye.

    Yes, community is better than silo, and interdependence is far better than independence in any organization and especially in a mission agency.

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