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Mushroom Eaters

We long to be more intentional this year in our outreach, our discipleship, our mentoring and our own personal growth and development.  Should we not also long to be more intentional in our innovation?

Jay recently shared this quote from Erwin McManus which speaks to this desire:

The Church Communication Network sent me an invitation to do a session on leadership in one of their national conferences… I would follow one of the most credible experts on church leadership… I was honored… Somewhere in his lecture he started to say something that totally threw me. Point-blank he instructed, “Don’t be an innovator; be an early adaptor… the innovator is the guy who eats the poisonous mushroom and dies. The early adaptor is the guy right next to him, who doesn’t have to eat it…” After thanking him for his amazing contribution to the body of Christ and for mentoring me through his books and ministry I went on to thank him for a new metaphor for my life. I am a mushroom eater… Any day now might be my last supper. But without risking the poisonous mushrooms, we never would have discovered the joys of portabellas. The barbarian call is just this simple; we are called to be mushroom eaters. A world without God cannot wait for us to choose the safe path. If we wait for someone else to take the risk, we risk that no one will ever act and that nothing will ever be accomplished. John the Baptist was a mushroom eater, and it cost him his life…”  [From: Erwin Raphael McManus, The Barbarian Way: Unleash The Tamed Faith Within, Thomas Nelson, Nashville: TN, 2005]


Maybe we should start praying to be “mushroom eaters”; choosing to take the risk and not be satisfied with the safe path.

2 Responses

  1. This is a really great quote. Inspired my week. Missionaries are good at eating strange things, anyway.

    • I have a number of responses from people, both on this blog site and by e-mail, indicating how the post stimulated and challenged them. I am often asked to ‘define’ innovation. It’s such a tricky question because the more you try and define it, the farther you get from the actual outworking of it. Wikipedia puts it this way: “Innovation differs from invention in that innovation refers to the use of a new idea or method, whereas invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea or method itself.” I have often put it a slightly different way by saying that innovation differs from creativity in that innovation is bringing creative ideas to life. So what is a creative idea? I think we intuitively have a sense of what that is, but the struggle is always to figure out a way to ‘make it happen’, to take the risk and apply it. And that is what I think Erwin was trying to say: Take the plunge!

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