• Our hope-filled future is bound up in sharing the story of Jesus, in discipling others, in bringing those disciples together into communities of believers, and in developing and releasing those believers to create other communities... till Jesus the King comes again!

Central Office Calling

Yet arguably of greater significance, though certainly less widely acknowledged, is the enormous change in the demographics of Christianity worldwide.  Whereas in 1900 the majority of Christians were in Europe and North America, and Christianity was identified as a Western religion, today most Christians reside in the non-Western world, and Christianity is in decline in much of Europe.”  These are the opening lines from the collection of essays on belief and practice in an era of world Christianity entitled: Globalizing Theology

There is much that we could “mine” from these few lines, but one thought comes immediately to mind in light of the global shift we are experiencing.   The center from which our ministry emanates is changing.

When we look for resources [workers, funds, prayer, talents and other], where do we often turn?  We go to our ‘central’ or ‘home’ office.  What we learn from the global shift we are experiencing is that our ‘central’ office is no longer one specific Support Center.

Calling our ‘central office’ will mean connecting with Australia, Canada, US, European & Latin American partners and others who will join the larger World Team Global Alliance network.  Resources will be flowing from everywhere to everywhere.

Obviously, this shift raises lots of questions.  For example, what would be our common training across our community?  What would the support of workers from various locations look like and how would those funds be moved towards their support?   Navigating this shift, however, begins with a change in our own heart attitude as to how we see and approach the tremendous growth of the Church in the majority world.

2 Responses

  1. Amen Brother! The shift is happening and this is good because it is in God’s plan. We only need to learn how to cope with this new situation.

    • It is the ‘coping’ part that will require training. It is not something that we are used to, and new habits will have to be developed in the way we communicate and work with one another.

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