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King’s Cross Speaking to Us

Reading Henry & Janet’s (WT Singapore) recent prayer letter, I really appreciated the honesty with which they shared what the Lord has been teaching them through the book, King’s Cross.  “Keller is bringing home a lot of things that have been toying around in the back of my brain for the last few years, but he also is introducing so many new things,” Henry wrote.  The following are some excerpts from their letter that I trust will encourage many of us:

“Recently I had the tremendous privilege to speak to about 270 church leaders in Asia. Being given the freedom to develop my messages as I saw fit… and as I felt God’s Spirit leading me, I felt very much at ease talking about God’s awesomeness and His Grace. Often the church tends to focus on what we as Christians are supposed to be doing. Not often enough do we concentrate on what God has done. I am as guilty as anyone. We tend to build our lives on our religious beliefs and guard or guide our lives by the rules we feel are what God wants us to keep. Too seldom do I just allow God to be my vision for life. Too seldom do I look at the world the way He would have me to look at it.

In His Sovereignty, God has allowed Janet and me to live in S.E. Asia for most of the last 33 years. We have been blessed by what God has done, and by whom God has placed in our lives. Yet, I know so little about this amazing God who created the universe. And sadly, it is so easy to get sidetracked by the little things that can cause irritation or disappointment (especially in other people), or by challenges that we were not expecting and lose sight of what God is trying to do in our lives through those things. Lately I have been challenged by a book I am reading … called “King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus” by Timothy Keller. Now, I know that not everyone gets the same sense of impact or satisfaction out of a book or a movie, but I don’t think you could miss on this one. Keller’s insights into scripture and his applications to my life are incredible.

For example, from his comments on Mark 4: 35-41, concerning the reaction of the disciples to the storm on the sea… and to how Jesus then stilled the sea…. “… if I go to Jesus, he’s not under my control either. He lets things happen that I don’t understand. He doesn’t do things according to my plan, or in a way that makes sense to me. But if Jesus is God, then he’s got to be great enough to have some reasons to let you go through things you can’t understand….. He can love somebody and still let bad things happen to them, because He is God – because he knows better than they do.”  I remember the amazing peace I had 10 years ago when Janet was in the critical care ward for eight weeks on life-support. I knew God would do the right thing, but I had no assurance that Janet would still be with us. It was out of my control, but Jesus gave me peace.

Keller’s comments on Mark 5 really hit home: “Right now, is God delaying something in your life? Are you ready to give up? Are you impatient with Him? There may be a crucial factor that you just don’t have access to. The answer, as with Jairus (whose daughter died while he waited for Jesus to talk to a woman who had touched Him in the crowd*), is to trust Jesus.” (*explanation added by me) Just as I was able to trust Jesus with Janet’s life, am I now willing to trust God for my future?  Now that I face the challenge of raising more finances for rent?  Now that my job description is still in the process of being written?  Now, after living out of suitcases for 5 months.. with a possible 5 months of the same on the horizon?”

Henry & Janet leave us with a good question to reflect on this week: how will I express my trust in God with what is in front of me this week?


Next Monday, we restart our study by looking at chapter 12: “the Ransom”

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  1. Wow, thanks for the challenge and practical application Henry!

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