• Our hope-filled future is bound up in sharing the story of Jesus, in discipling others, in bringing those disciples together into communities of believers, and in developing and releasing those believers to create other communities... till Jesus the King comes again!

World Team Global Alliance (WTGA)

The first meeting of the new World Team Global Alliance will take place this week in Hong Kong. Several WT leaders and the WT-International board have been working diligently in preparation for this change. What will WT look like when WT-Hong Kong, WT-Philippines, and others eventually join as sending countries? How will we navigate the cultural, worldview and possibly even linguistic differences? Difficult questions, but necessary to answer if we are to truly become a global ministry with global perspective committed to a central focus and vision.

Recently the Toronto Star published an article about a petition that started in Bellingham, Washington, to have the local Costco store give specific shopping hours “for American citizens only”. There was much complaining about the number of Canadians crossing the border to shop at the local Costco, not leaving any parking spaces, or bargains for that matter, for Americans. Many international organizations and agencies are grappling with effects of a growing globalization. Becoming a “global” agency is not without some hiccups and bumps in the road.

As we move forward in developing as a global agency, country-of-origin issues will need to take a secondary role as we covenant together to move as one towards fulfilling our calling. Our unique cultural makeup will need to be exploited in a positive way that enables greater flexibility in recognizing and utilizing gifts and abilities, resources and experiences, which further our vision of multiplying communities of disciples among least evangelized people groups.  Learning from others will have a high value. We may do things differently than we did in the past and this is okay, even necessary.

Please be in prayer for several meetings in Hong Kong, September 18-26; Sending Country Directors meet Sept.19-20, WTGA launches Sept. 22-23,  Area Directors & Sending Country Directors meet Sept. 21-25.  Please pray specifically for three things:


1.     Pray for unity. Pray that each participant, regardless of country of origin or nationality, would see others as brothers and sisters in Christ, – family. 

2.     Pray for vision to see the road ahead. The World Team Global Alliance is a radically new way of doing missions and in leading. Pray for boldness to move forward and humbleness to seek God’s face at all times. 

3.     Pray for the “hiccups”. Remember, our enemy does not want unity, peace and mutual respect. Pray for God’s protection from our adversary and from our own selfishness.





3 Responses

  1. You can be assured of my prayers for these meetings. As a participant in some of these, I can attest to the importance of people praying for us. And I appreciate David highlighting this need and making it an emphasis.

    I agree the WTGA will certainly stretch and put to the test our commitment to work inter-culturally and interdependently. Hong Kong can certainly use this model and will be positively impacted if we can demonstrate the commitment which the Alliance is making. If we work well together in this manner we will reflect the practice Jesus had in mind when we prayed (there’s that emphasis again) for unity for His people.

  2. This is an exciting step! I look forward to hearing how things go and what the WTGA will look like in form and function! So thankful for leaders that are willing to take risks with a dependent and humble spirit! Any time we can move towards being an answer to Jesus’ prayer in Jn 17 for unity, the mission will be blessed. Jesus prayed that the believers would be unified, SO THAT the WORLD would come to KNOW HIM!!!

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