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The End

Today’s post comes from Sharon in Chile about chapter 17: The End

Have you ever been enveloped by darkness, total darkness? I have and it will be an experience I will never forget.  My brother Andrew and I once shut ourselves in a very small cupboard in a trailer.  We wanted to see if we could both fit and how long we could stay without passing out. Crazy right? Someone was driving the trailer so nobody knew what was going on and nobody could help us.  Apart from feeling claustrophobic I will never forget at how dark it was in there.  I could not see in front of me, I could not see my brother (although I could feel him) , I could not see the door…and as time went on our oxygen was running out…it was absolutely awful. I wanted to get out “now” but no, my brother wanted to see how long we could last…he wanted to break a record. After an eternity, (so it seemed), we pushed the door open and yes, we were free at last, free to move, free to breath, but most of all, free to see.

Keller writes about darkness, the darkness around Jesus’ death.  “All the critical events of Jesus’ death happened in the dark.”  As Jesus was dying from noon until 3:00pm there was absolute darkness. He explains that darkness in the Bible is a sign of “God’s displeasure and judgment.” Because of God’s amazing love for us, Jesus was forsaken by God.  Jesus was being judged for our sins. God turned His back on Him; the dance of the Trinity came to a halt, all because of us.

Experiencing physical darkness is terrifying, but we can also face spiritual darkness.  Keller talks about becoming disoriented.  If we turn away from God, the source of our light, and allow our lives to orbit around other things, people, or our job we are walking in the dark. We are walking away from truth and spiritual life. When we do these things we become disoriented. Keller says that, ‘If anything but God is more important to you, you have a problem with direction.’  You will lose perspective and will eventually isolate yourself from God and other people. As Keller puts it, ‘we are all on a trajectory toward a life of disintegration.’ Praise God we don’t have to walk in darkness, God broke that barrier; the curtain in the temple was broken for good.  The cross proves that He loves us and that He will never forsake us. Jesus suffered in our place; He was forsaken in our place. There is hope!!

Do you find yourself in a dark place right now, have you lost perspective, do you feel disoriented, is it so dark that you can’t even see a speck of light? Jesus definitely knows what you are going through.  You are not alone, you will never be abandoned, because Jesus already suffered that for you…don’t cloak yourself in dark unbelief, let the  ‘Light ’of His Presence envelop you. There is hope!!

“…..because the darkness is passing and the true light is already shining.”  I John 1.8b


What does it mean for usthat at the cross ‘the dance of the Trinity came to a halt, all because of us?  How can we allow the Gospel to go deep into our hearts so that it will change how we see ourselves?


Final installment of the King’s Cross blog post will be October 8th, looking at Ch 18 “the Beginning”


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