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the Beginning

Today’s post comes from Kevin in the US about chapter 18: The Beginning

The beginning of eternity.  That’s what Christ’s death and resurrection allowed us to glimpse.  The disciples didn’t get this and, as Keller points out, they were shocked that He rose—even though He told them He would.

The beginning of eternity.  We laugh at the disciples, but do we get this?  Interesting that in light of a chapter mentioning the story of Joni Eareckson Tada, I have a daughter in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy.  Ya know, I think she gets it too.  Life is the beginning of eternity.  A disability, a struggle, a broken relationship—they are painful and seem to limit us in this life.  But eternity is so much longer.

The beginning of eternity.  This is what the Gospel opens up for us: a reason to live, a reason to minister to others, and a reason for hope in the future.  Christ’s death and resurrection provided this, and so much more.

What helps you to see and live life in light of eternity?


This is the last installment of the King’s Cross blog post.  Next week, October 15th, we would like to share your insights to the book, King’s Cross with the larger WT community: “What thought or idea from King’s Cross has brought about a change in your heart and attitude?”  Please send your answers to this question to international.director@worldteam.org before next Monday, so we can post them to the TATJ blog.

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  1. Thanks for this post, Kevin, and for drawing our attention to Eternity in (ironically) the final chapter of Keller’s book. What helps me to see and live life in light of Eternity are the lives of those who believed in the Lord Jesus and have preceded me into the life that is everlasting. Noah Huss comes to mind. His belief in the life that will never die, and how he oriented himself to Christ, makes me believe Noah is now there with Jesus. To think about family and friends now experiencing the reality of Heaven gives me courage to press on, to not give up, and to dream about (to quote the hymn) what a day that will be, when my Savior I shall see!

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