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A start to an answer

Mark & I dialogued recently in the comment section of the post: “Should I really care about the WTGA?”  I thought his question and my attempt to answer could serve as another step in this ongoing conversation with the WT community. 

Mark wrote: “This post prompted two questions. The first is for me. In order to generously accommodate new friends from other cultures – to genuinely submit in partnership – how do I need to conduct myself in ministry? Attitudinally I certainly need humility but in practice I came up with two.

1. Learn how people from the incoming culture make decisions.

2. Learn how people from the incoming culture value relationships.

The second is: how will you know if we care? In other words, what is practiced on a day-by-day basis in our ministries that shows we care as much about the new global alliance as you do?

I responded by saying: “Your question is not one easily answered.  The answer will be displayed more in our WT ethos than in specific steps that would be the same for all. Let me try one or two examples. First, when we are building a project for a new ministry outreach, we should look beyond our own team/field/Area, or to put it another way, beyond our own ‘silo’. Others in other places may have valuable insights that would help us in moving that project forward. This would be an outworking of what we mean be interdependence, consciously seeking ‘many voices’ to enter the discussion. A second example might be in how people approach ministry and particularly the issue of contextualization. Too often we will simply translate material from our home culture into the language in which we are working, not thinking about the cultural dissonance that might occur. I will know that people care about the Alliance when I see workers reaching out to others who are different from them for their ideas and input; when I see our growth in life and ministry being impacted by our interaction with those from other cultures and backgrounds.”

I know there is more to be said.  What do you think?

2 Responses

  1. The best source information and insights I have found in answer to these questions and issues can be resourced on the following website and in Hofstede’s books that can be found on Amazon. Also Rhinesmith’s book A Managers Guide to Globalization is also helpful.

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