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It Never Ends

It’s about that time of the year when I start thinking about our community garden plot.  There are a number of standard plants that we will plant, but every year I look for something new to plant.  That new idea, though, will cause me to go looking for information on what I need to do in order to help this new plant grow.  Just planting something without knowing how to prepare the soil or care for it, will potentially lead to no harvest.never ending bis bis

Our life as workers is all about constantly learning.  At the end of almost 360 pages dealing with the life and work of a cross cultural worker, one author wrote: “Workers ministering in the twenty-first century can expect to serve in an atmosphere of constant change. Missions will be conducted everywhere, in every way, by everyone.  This will demand lifelong learning and lifelong humility.”

Life long learning.  Life long humility.  Where does one begin?  I think the answer lies in taking one area of growth, learning or development, and focusing on that one area over several months.  Check out what materials are available or what online training is being offered.  Ask a colleague to check back with you each week to see how you are progressing.  Most of all, be perseverant in prayer and effort to grow.

Yes filling out feedback forms can be helpful, but setting a short goal, achieving it, and setting your sights on a new goal motivates us further.  On our own, we may have great plans, but we easily let ourselves come up with excuses for why we can’t give time to a lifelong learning project.  Once again, the community needs to come alongside and help us.

Are you ready to join in the journey?

2 Responses

  1. David- Excellent thoughts! I like the emphasis on regularness and setting goals. As a team for years when we wrote personal goals we would include reading goals and picked different genre’s we wanted to read. For example we might choose to read a book on mission strategy, one on parenting, one on prayer, a biography, one on relationships and something that helped keep us in the word.
    In order to stay grace oriented people decided how many books and what subjects they wanted to read on. If people read slower they would put a smaller number down, while faster readers had larger numbers. It was good at years end because most people fully met their goal and sometimes exceeded it. It also gave us fresh thoughts and things to discuss as a team. While we do not currently have reading goals the habit is pretty well set and I read a fair amount.
    One other thought on the reading and learning is that most of us are not that terribly smart or innovative and figuring out what works well takes a long time….too long! Therefore we need to take as many ideas as we can from people who are differently gifted and more experienced than we are.

    • These are some very practical examples that I hope will encourage others to set some ‘small goals’. We definitely need to mine others’ stuff for input and ideas.

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