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Why plans are helpful, why they are not

Planning usually brings out the best and the worst in people.  Some of us enjoy planning because our natural bent is more towards organizing material and our time.  Others of us see planning as a chore, busy work that doesn’t seem to provide any real help to us.  In many ways, both of these responses represent a misunderstanding of planning outcomes.Business people planing

Plans are helpful when they focus our energies on those priorities God has laid on our hearts.  Putting together a plan should facilitate us being able to say ‘no’ to a certain number of activities that will detour us from our main focus.  Planning brings focus in a context that is flexible enough for us to work out that focus in a number of different ways.

Plans are not helpful when they fill our time with loads of secondary tasks.  Some plans I have seen are pages and pages long.  This can give the impression of a strong and solid plan.  However, most often, the heart of the plan is lost in the flurry of tasks that most have difficulty accomplishing because there are simply too many tasks.  All these tasks may keep us busy, but not fruitful.

Chris (WT Global) has put together some helpful tools for writing plans.  In one of his presentations, he wrote this: “The old adage of “first things first” is quite misleading.  There is a big difference between choosing what task to do first and knowing what are the most important tasks.”

As I wrote in the post the other day, this is why we need God and a strong community around us.  Through prayer, study and interaction with other believers we can have the insight we need to “know what are the most important tasks”.


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