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Competency is not a bad word

We never stop learning.  It might be a new word, a new expression in the language in which we minister.  It might be another way to send our prayer letters out (such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp or some other program).  There is a good deal of motivation in this kind of learning because we see its tangible benefit, the help it can provide to our life and ministry.competencies2

We should never stop learning.  However, we also need to pro-actively look for learning that may not have, at first glance, immediate tangible benefit to our life and ministry.  Constant learning is a means to increase our competency, our skills to live as Christ would desire and to minister in more and more fruitful ways.  Paul said, “I urge you to excel still more” (1 Thess 4:1).  Increasing one’s competency is an aspect of glorifying God, a concrete way of worshipping him as we recognize our dependence upon Him and the need for further, ongoing training.

The core skills modules are part of this process for all WT workers.  How grateful I am for the participation of so many in our first module and the feedback we have received.

However, we cannot stop there.  Each of us should prayerfully consider, in discussion with others, our next steps in growth and development (competency), outlining a  quarterly or monthly desired growth goal.

Competency is not a bad word.  It should become an energizing word for us, calling us to never stop learning.

2 Responses

  1. Well said, David, and I completely agree! I’m very excited that you are animating us to be life long learners and to “look for learning that may not have, at first glance, immediate tangible benefit to our life and ministry.” This will put us outside the box and get us to think critically! This is very much needed, in my opinion. I know it’s needed in my life.

    • We all prefer the ‘quick fixes’ where we learn something because of is immediate tangible benefit. There is nothing wrong with that, in one sense, as I will read the manual when my expresso machine stops working. However, learning from a longer range perspective is much harder. It requires some careful thought and reflection, as well as interaction with others, before starting. But the benefits will be seen longer term.

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