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Where should I be interdependent?

In yesterday’s post, I wrote: “It’s hard to become less self reliant and more interdependent.  It begins sometimes with a simple statement: “I need your help on this.””  However, who is the audience that I need to be addressing?  In other words, what is the scope of interdependence?interdependent

Is it something that expresses itself:

  • Among fellow workers?
  • In teams?
  • In communities of believers?
  • Among Support Centres?
  • Between Support Centres and workers?
  • Between Support Centres, workers and partners?
  • Between workers in different regions?

The farther I went in my list, the more I saw how difficult it is to live out interdependence.  It really does require an other centredness that is not part of my natural bent.  Once again, I found myself being driven back to the Gospel as the core motivation for wanting to move in this direction.

If you go to the WT global website: www.worldteam.org (for those in Australia, Canada and the US: http://global.worldteam.org), you will find the following statement under our vision and values:

Interdependence is evident in our conscious desire to embrace partnerships with others who share our passion for the unreached. It is lived out in our teams, networks of national church associations, and sending churches and individuals who make up the broader World Team family.

The audience just keeps extending farther out.

May the Gospel push our hearts to “embrace” partnerships with others that demonstrate in tangible ways our interdependence.


7 Responses

  1. Interdependence is really a mindset which is hard for us to make a “habit of the heart” because our own culture has impressed on us our autonomy–that my choices and actions are nobody else’s business. We have become addicted to independence.

    We need to unlearn the independent spirit to which we have become addicted, and retrain our hearts with the Spirits enabling towards an “other consciousness”. In what ways does this choice or action impact my wife, my family my friends and colleagues? What impact will my words, my attitude or my behaviour have on the people I am discipling?

    There has to be exchange of the kind describe by Paul in the latter part of chapter 4 of Ephesians: putting off the “pagan” ways of the old man and putting on of the new man–Christ.

    • I like the reference to Ephesians 4; provides much needed food for thought in seeking to develop an other centredness outlook.

  2. David, I liked the emphasis of this post, and especially the line “The audience just keeps extending farther out.” Great reminder, and I pray that we maintain an awareness of this World Team value in our ministries.
    One addition that may even broaden this further–interdependence isn’t simply when we need help with something. It can be including a new team member or potential partner in a discussion or decision because of the benefit that it will be to them. What I mean is, interdependence isn’t only “when I need your help” but when someone else could benefit by being drawn into the team/partnership in a greater way–which hopefully becomes mutually beneficial.

    • Great addition! I was trying to just get the discussion going and you ‘extended’ it further. I especially liked what you wrote: “It can be including a new team member or potential partner in a discussion or decision because of the benefit that it will be to them,” as it describes another aspect of what interdependence means.

  3. Thanks David. I love that phrase – “I need your help in this” – its simple, memorable, and something I can remember to use more intentionally in all of my circles. It reminds us that others have giftedness that we need to balance out our own – and to make the end result so much better. I love it!

  4. Kevin wrote: “Thanks for this post. Living an interdependent life, may be the most difficult of our core values to accomplish. Not that we don’t want to, but because it requires being intentional with a larger community. What I can do quickly, by myself or with a closed group, I will now chose to do with others in mind. Good stuff to remember.” Thanks Kevin!

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