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Crossing over silos

I shared earlier this week that interdependence is about a “desire to live out God’s design for the Church from within our organization by working together with fellow believers from all nations, within World Team, as well as with other like-minded organizations; so that we might glorify God in unity, grow in the likeness of Christ as individuals, as well as maximize efforts to bring the Gospel to all peoples. It’s about all believers everywhere being united together and needing each other.silos

Several of you commented about the notion of how far interdependence can extend.  Could small steps be taken to encourage us to move towards that kind of extending interdependence by crossing over our existing silos (teams, fields, areas and Support Centres)?

Let’s try a few examples:

  • Workers in a creative access country have a need for professional business expertise. Their current oversight is provided by a good leader with extensive experience in CP.  However, he does not have business insight.  Another worker/leader from another region or another volunteer has the needed expertise.  What creative ways could provide the needed counsel and help for these workers?
  • An emerging CP team is struggling to further local ministry.  Their need is for someone to facilitate and direct their team towards greater synergy and fruit.  Such a person is working in another team, in another country.  How could such a person be challenged to serve this team and demonstrate interdependence?
  • One of our Support Centres has a unique opportunity to participate in several seminars over a weekend.  Two gifted field mobilizers would be on HA at that time.  How could these field workers help their Support Centre?

Now, I know there are lots of reasons why some of these situations might not work.  We need to continue to challenge one another to consider ways to demonstrate this interdependence beyond our natural silos or boundaries.

If the truth be told, one of those scenarios actually came to fruition and was a blessing to all involved.  Interdependence trumped independence and its extent went beyond just team and field: “It’s about all believers everywhere being united together and needing each other.”


2 Responses

  1. Over 35 years ago I had this experience in Haiti that shows how a Haitian church leader understood the difference between interdependence and independence.

    XXXX XXXX, the son of Pastor YYY XXXX, was editor of a newspaper that came out with an editorial asking President Duvalier to use the army to bring the atrocities of the Tonton Macoute under control. Shortly afterwards a band of Tonton Macoutes dragged Pastor YYY
    XXXX out of his car, beat him and left him on the side of the road to die. He survived, but had a long recovery. After Pastor XXXX’s beating, ZZZZZ produced a commentary on XXXX’s editorial without Radio Lumière’s approval. ZZZZZ’s commentary went far beyond XXXX’s proposal. He said the army and the police were as bad as the Tonton Macoutes and cited a number of examples. I had not heard ZZZZZ’s program, but was immediately summoned to the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs office. I asked for the recording of ZZZZZ’s program. Although policy required controversial programs with controversial materials be filed, this had not been done. So I had to face the music without knowing precisely what ZZZZZ had said. It was an extremely awkward situation.

    Since Pastor Brésile St. Germain was the President of the MEBSH, the legal owner of Radio Lumière, I called him in to consider this serious situation. Pastor Brésil and I met with ZZZZZ. Together we listened to the recording of his commentary. We reviewed Radio Lumière’s policy that went something like this:

    “As servants of a just, holy and righteous God we would compromise our message if we failed to speak out on issues of justice and righteousness according to the Bible. Nevertheless, we would not broadcast any material that would endanger the future ministry of Radio Lumière or the MEBSH.

    “Whenever controversial materials are dealt with the person producing the program must secure in advance of the broadcast the permission of his immediate superior. If that person thought that the failure to deal with it would compromise our message but was beyond his competency to decide, the issue was to be brought to the attention of the Network Director. If the Network Director believed the issue was important but beyond his level of competence to decide, he could take it to the President of the MEBSH. The decision of the President of the MEBSH would be final.”

    Pastor Brésile said he would not have approved ZZZZZ’s commentary and that the Executive Committee of the MEBSH would back him up. He then asked ZZZZZ if he would follow policy in the future. He responded that if God called him to give a message he did not need to ask permission from anyone. Pastor Brésile told him that in the church and in Radio Lumière there was interdependence not independence.

    “We must recognize the body with Christ as the head; we need each other,” Pastor Brésile said.

    When ZZZZZ again said that he did not need anyone to tell him what God’s will was Brésile said, “ZZZZZ, you give us no other choice but to dismiss you. But we will wait until this matter settles down before we announce it publicly; as long as you are in our employment we can give you some protection because we fear for your life.”

    Pastor Brésile understood the value of interdependence –what World Team later adopted as a core value.

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