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Ten reasons why World Team will change

top-ten-reasons-marriedReason number 1: As the Gospel becomes more and more central to all our affections, it will work itself out in fresh ways in our ministries.

Reason number 2: Workers are rediscovering ‘the rush’ of walking with Jesus.

Reason number 3: Experienced workers are realizing that we are moving from being doers of the ministry to equippers for the ministry.

Reason number 4: New workers are arriving in greater numbers

Over three years ago, we as a WT community began putting increased energy and effort into mobilizing new workers for our teams and ministry initiatives.  Many current workers and Support Centre staff have given time to speak and pray with prospective cross cultural workers.  The fruit of those efforts is beginning to be seen. 

What this means is that there will be more and more new workers going out to serve cross culturally with us.  These new workers will bring with them new ideas, fresh energy, different approaches and a renewed desire to serve God with gusto.  These new workers will come from different generations than our current workers.  However, it is not so much the generational differences that will create change.  It is the simple fact that new workers will look at life and ministry differently than current workers.  Those different perspectives will create a dynamic of change.

What is exciting is that these different perspectives will bring benefit to both new workers and current workers.  Current workers will assess ministry approaches from a different grid that will open up fresh ideas.  New workers will assess their approaches in the light of the experience of current workers, bringing needed refinement to new ministry ideas.

What I’m starting to hear is the excitement of current workers as they realize that new workers are coming.  What I’m praying for is that we can truly learn from one another and navigate together the changes that will occur.



2 Responses

  1. As a field mobilizer, and having recently hosted 6 WT interns this summer, this truth is played out more and more in my own experience. Having been on the field now for some years, it is not only needed, but essential, to see the ‘missions world’ and my host country through fresh eyes. While the “youth” may not have world/life experience yet, they DO bring energy and innovative ideas that deserve to be looked at…tempered with a cultural knowledge of the host community, and lots of prayer. I enjoyed hearing questions about what they saw and experienced that i hadn’t considered in some time. Now…getting ready to receive another new family to our field (YAY!) I anticipate a new layer of freshness as we walk this journey once again. We need to remind each other of this truth when we start to feel weary and overwhelmed at all the ‘new people’ coming -this is a good thing, it keeps us healthy.

    • Good words, Jeannie. I sometimes think we forget what we were like when we first arrived in cross cultural ministry, full of passion and ideas. It was always so encouraging when more experienced workers listened and pushed us on our ideas, but also that they gave us the freedom to try. Sometimes ideas didn’t work as we thought, but other times innovative ideas were birthed that the team had not even thought of or considered up to that point. And that got others thinking about ways to more creatively work and reach out to others.

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