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It’s all about context

Sometimes people will say to me: “Didn’t you notice that my sweater was inside out?”  Or: “Didn’t you see the look on Dan’s face when you made that comment about their team’s strategy?” insideoutv2b

It’s all about context.  However, there are times when I am simply not ‘aware’ of what is going on or how I am being received by others. I can certainly be fully ‘aware’ when the context turns around my agenda or my ideas. However, I have a more difficult time listening and grasping the context that others are painting.

I don’t think I am alone in this because independence rather than interdependence runs deep in our hearts.  We may be strong in spiritual intelligence and yet extremely weak in ‘emotional intelligence’.  Put another way, we can be strong in our grasp of biblical principles, but stumble when it comes to knowing the impact that our words, actions and decisions can have on others.

It is not easy to become more self-aware. It’s actually something that can only be done in community.  We are incapable of stepping outside our own skin and assessing how we are coming off to others.  I need others to tell me, to engage me in this conversation so that I can serve others better.  We need others to tell us, to engage us in this conversation so that we can serve one another better.

Do you have such people speaking into your life?  What keeps you from asking?


2 Responses

  1. I agree – it’s totally possible to have great “spiritual intelligence” but be lacking in “emotional intelligence.”

    I asked Albert Ehmann to disciple me, about a year ago. There are areas of immaturity in my life that are only now being addressed – I wish I’d have been more open to input like this years ago.

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