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No time to think

One of the things I enjoy about spending time away from work is being able to physically ‘take a break’ from all the technology that characterizes our lives in one way or another: responding to the constant e-mail traffic, writing another blog post, or just keeping up with what’s happening on the pages of my Facebook friends.

time to thinkGoing ‘off the grid’ allows one the time to step back to think, to read, and to reflect.  Times like this remind me of the need to regularly make space to think and not be so taken up with all the information traffic going on around me.

In a recent article in the New York Times, Kate Murphy notes: “You can’t solve or let go of problems if you don’t allow yourself time to think about them. It’s an imperative ignored by our culture, which values doing more than thinking and believes answers are in the palm of your hand rather than in your own head.

Let’s not make the mistake of saying that one (thinking or doing) is more important than the other.  Let’s not get caught up in setting one against the other because thinking and doing are interconnected; they each support and nourish the other.

Rather than telling ourselves to spend more time in introspection or to spend less time thinking and just do something, we ought to seek balance in our lives.

How often have I used the phrase: “I’m just super busy”?  How often have you used a similar phrase?  That should be a signal to us that we are ‘out of balance’ and in need of readjusting, realigning our lives so that thinking and doing work together to allow us to live our lives well for the Lord.


2 Responses

  1. I appreciate the balanced approach to thinking and doing. Both need to be exercised in the context of prayer so they are God-driven. God delights in guiding our thoughts into alignment with His thinking and our doing in alignment with His actions. Jesus modelled this so well for us.

  2. The balance is what is so hard to maintain. Jesus is our ultimate model. It would be good to highlight models from today that would give us some other insights into how to maintain that balance.

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