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What’s the next step in personal health?

In last week’s post, I wrote: “One critical area of personal health is growth in emotional intelligence.  In other words, growth in understanding how others ‘receive’ us.  As our attitude should reflect our love and devotion to Jesus, we often miss the mark and do not even realize that our comments can appear cutting or hurtful to others.  The outside-in input of others in a community in which we are engaged can greatly help us to recognize blind spots and learn to grow in demonstrating love to others.”Next Steps Old Wooden Sign

How do I get that outside-in input?  You ask for it.  You ask God for the courage to ask others around you and then you approach others to ask the following questions:

  • Is there anything I do that irritates you?
  • Is there anything you wish I did differently?
  • Is there anything you would like to say to me but have been afraid to?

There are plenty of other questions you might ask, but these might serve as a way to get you started.  As people provide you with feedback, you will begin to see common threads which should help you identify areas for growth in your emotional intelligence.

This is not about a self-improvement plan where you try harder to please others.  This is a growth process where the Spirit makes us aware of our ‘hurtful ways’ (Psalm 139) and drives us back to the Gospel to find the wisdom and strength to respond to others in a more Christ-like manner.

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  1. Thanks for the practical suggestions.

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