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The Difficulty of Honesty

One of the reasons that I liked John’s book, In Other Worlds, was because of the simple honesty with which he shared his journey as a cross cultural worker.Honesty

As cross cultural workers, oftentimes we are averse to honesty about our ministry journey.  We can feel as if it doesn’t ‘play well’ to supporters, friends, or those praying for us.  We hesitate from sharing when a ministry project fails or doesn’t produce the fruit for which we were praying.  We try to put a positive spin on such a situation, so that others will continue to think well of us and our work.

John pointed us back to the truth that it is in our weakness that we find our strength.  It is when we find ourselves at ‘the end of ourselves’ that we see God’s faithfulness and love to use people like ourselves, ‘wrecks that we are’, for His mission.

There is actually a freedom in believing that the ministry is all about God’s work in our lives and others’ lives.  It allows us to be honest with our own failings and faults, and to marvel in the amazing truth that God loves us with such a deep and powerful love.

The outcome or fruit of basking in such a truth is the growing desire to serve Him and please Him more.

2 Responses

  1. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of John’s book. My guess is that the honesty reflected by John blossoms out of humility learned through adversity. Your point about wanting to look good to our financial support base is so true. But when we worship God, our true Audience, the need to make ourselves look better, looks silly because He knows us for what we really are.

    • These are the lessons or the implications of the Gospel that we often neglect or forget. When Christ is our one and only affection, it displaces everything else out of the centre of our lives.

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