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Have you grown any?

The question kind of startled me: “Are you a happier person than you were two years ago?”  I might have been able to shake that one off if the speaker hadn’t continued with several other likeminded questions:happier

  • Are you harder to discourage?
  • Do you worry less?
  • Do you take criticism better?
  • Are you growing in grace?

There was the rub as we say.  All those questions centred on how the new life implanted in one’s heart works itself out in one’s life.  Growth comes from a life that finds its happiness more and more in Christ.

However, the question can still be bothersome as it can easily reveal how little tangible growth in grace is evident in one’s life.  We may be able to talk more deeply about grace, but is that very grace running deeply in our lives to the point of making us different people than we were two years ago?

Are you (am I) a happier person than you were two years ago because ‘you are seeing more and more the truth of who you are and the beauty of what Christ has done for you’?  May that be our prayer this month: that we would find our happiness more and more in Christ, and that His love would make us ‘happier’ people, less discouraged people, less worried people.

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