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Everyone needs …

Someone passed along an article to me last week titled: “7 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Ministry”.  Some of the seven things listed by the writer were self-evident, but one stood out for me from the rest.  It simply read: Mentors aren’t optional.mentoring

Here’s what the author wrote: “There has always been something in me that says “you can figure this out by yourself”. I wish I had fought that voice earlier.  Ministry (and life) are complex enough that I wish someone had told me that mentors aren’t optional. I am fortunate to have more than a few great mentors in my life these days. I just wish I had started earlier.”

Mentoring can mean many things to different people. However, mentoring is at the very least about asking someone with solid character and competency to guide you in your own personal growth steps. One’s mentor may have expertise in the area where you need growth the most. Or they may simply be a good listener who has a heart to keep you accountable for where you believe God is asking you to grow.  The overall objective of a mentor is to journey with you in your growth in Christ.

I can honestly say that have profited in many ways from mentors over the past number of years. Yet, the author’s comments at the very end remain a challenge to all of us: “I just wish I had started earlier.”  I wish someone had challenged me earlier in my Christian walk about the need for mentors. None of us likes to ask for help. Mentoring will drive us deeper in Gospel humility and enlarge our view of how God uses others to grow us up more in Him.

Each of us needs a mentor. Each of us ‘needs to take the plunge’ and ask someone to mentor us for a specified time frame and towards a concrete objective. The first step would be to prayerfully seek out a mentor and ask them to help you with growth steps in one area of your life and ministry.

If you would like more help on what mentoring might look like, drop me a note (international.director@worldteam.org) and I will send you some brief notes from Steve Moore about mentoring.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the article David. I have truly profited from being mentored and am hoping to now reach out to others.

    Carolyn (and Jerry)

  2. Who can imagine someone training for the Olympics without coaches and mentors. We are in a far greater race!

    • Mentors are essential, not optional as the article said. But we never realize the truth of that until we have called upon the help of a mentor.

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