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Pray every day

When I was in Cameroon a few weeks back, the team got together in two groups to pray. One hour had been allocated for our prayer time together.  As we gathered in a circle, the leader quickly explained that we prayer bis biswould be sharing for 10 minutes and praying for 50 minutes. Each person in the group was going to have to share a meaningful request in less than 1 minute, and then we would go to prayer.

To be honest, I was a bit ‘skeptical’ about how we (this small group) were going to spend one hour in prayer. Yet, the time was so quickly filled with conversational prayer between us as a group and our God that before we knew it, the closing prayer was being offered.  What a delight to pray together in that way.

This week during our global leader meetings, I set aside a time of prayer with the same parameters. However, each group leader varied even those parameters from our prayer time in Cameroon.  The short sharing time was still maintained, but done in other ways. Yet, once again we spent the bulk of our time praying.

When we were all done, one leader said: “Every day, we discuss a series of critical topics. We have a wealth of topics we could pray for each night.  We could spend this same time in prayer every night.”  You know what?  He’s right.  We could spend that time each night in prayer

Prayer is one of our guiding principles; it directs how we do ministry. We do ministry first and foremost in prayer.  We don’t do it because we ‘have to’; we engage in prayer because our Father delights in hearing our prayers and our praises, and because we want to come and be with Him.

Thanks for your prayers for us as leaders this week! Know that, during our time here, we were praying for many of you as well as the people group among whom you serve!  Let us not grow weary in prayer (Luke 18:1).

2 Responses

  1. This is a good challenge and reminder. It’s easy to say, “Prayer is the real work” and then leave it as an after-thought, a “rubber stamp ritual” or drop it altogether. The tough shift for me is that of shifting the central focus from me to God. It’s easy to become focused on my ideas, my grand solutions to problems, and my own vested interests in each scenario. Prayer moves that focus to God – and sometimes (consciously or unconsciously) I don’t want that shift to take place. What about ME?

    Thanks David, this example (both from our Africa region and the leadership team) is one we can all follow as we learn corporately to “cast all our cares on Him, because He cares for [us and those we serve.]”

  2. You put it well Jacob! We can talk a lot about prayer, but when it comes to actually praying, sometimes we are pretty weak in application.

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