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“Get in a prayer meeting”

I’m reading a book with colleagues entitled: Nothing is Impossible with God: Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and Power.  Today, I stumbled on this quote: “Be people of love. Be people of faith.  Be people of prayer.  Do you long to be changed?  To see people change?  To be part of God’s reclaiming the world for himself?  Get in a prayer meeting.  Go to the throne of grace andprayer-meeting-n bring others with you.”  I could have thought of a lot of other answers to those questions than prayer.  If you had asked me: “Do you want to be part of God’s reclaiming the world for himself?” I might have answered: “Then join World Team!”  The better answer is prayer!

Prayer not only places us in the centre of what God is doing in this world, but prayer reveals our moment by moment helplessness to do anything apart from God’s work in us and through us. It is why we need to pray for others and ask others to pray for us.

Meeting with others in prayer; praying with others when we are together for various reasons offers us regular opportunities to tie our weakness to His power.

O.Hallesby wrote: “The work of praying is prerequisite to all other work in the kingdom of God, for the simple reason that it is by prayer that we couple the powers of heaven to our helplessness, the powers which can turn water into wine and remove mountains in our own life and the lives of others, the powers which can awaken those who sleep in sin and raise up the dead, the powers which capture strongholds and make the impossible possible.”

Today and tomorrow are times we have set aside to pray with one another as a World Team global community. May today and tomorrow be a start to regularly pray with and for another another, and for the needs of this lost world in need of Christ.

2 Responses

  1. Long ago I heard the phrase, “Prayer is the battle.” If we win the battle of prayer, everything else falls into place. If we learn to take everything to the Lord, learn to spend time daily in prayer, the Lord will see to it that we understand those things which should be our priorities and therefore the important things get done. Pray is the number one priority, the battle we must fight and win, because sometimes it is a battle to spend enough time in prayer. We can always think of the important things we need to do rather than pray. No, the important thing we need to do is pray, asking the Lord to show us how to prioritize everything else and asking for His help with everything else.

    • What was new to me in this, Gary, was that we need to pray together. We need to pray individually, but we need to pray with one another. We should be quick to pray for one another and we need to the prayers of others for ourselves.

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