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I don’t trust the plan

I have been reading the book, Nothing is Impossible: Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and Power, by Rose Marie Miller, with several colleagues.  It is the story of Rose Marie’s lifelong journey to see the Gospel worked out in very tangible ways in her everyday life and character.  Her honesty is disarming, but also strikes to the core of what plagues us the most: self.

At one point, she makes this short but telling statement: “She needs faith that God has a good, the plansovereign, wise plan for her son and the rest of the family.  Our basic problem is this: We don’t trust the plan.  We are taught by our flesh, by Satan, by our culture, even by other Christians, that we must do everything we can to avoid suffering.”

We delight in ‘being the masters of our fate’ and grate when the Lord uses situations to remind us us of how much we trust in the flesh.  We don’t like it when God uses others to re-align our plans with His.  We struggle to follow a decision our team has made or to respond graciously to a request from leadership for needed information or statistics.

Now I’m not denying the fact that some of the life situations we face, or the decisions and requests made might be worth challenging.  However, our normal reaction to these events is to question the heart intent of those involved in causing those events or making those decisions.  We reason that we would have made a better (read: ‘much wiser and smarter’) choice.

Many of us can probably remember a time when a leadership team or colleagues made a decision that we needed to get additional experience and training before moving into a new job or ministry that had been proposed to us.  We probably chafed at the ‘lack of understanding’ of these people.  However, if we look back now on that life event, we realize we struggled to ‘trust the plan’. In the long run, I’m sure that decision actually had nothing but major beneficial impact on our life and future.

In ourselves, we don’t know what is always best. However, God has given us His Spirit and He has placed you and I in a community where we can learn to discover His will for each moment and boldly walk in it.

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  1. Timely encouragement for our circumstance. Thank you.

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