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Offer one’s help to another

One of the strengths of the World Team Global community, in my mind, is our willingness to reach out and offer our help to others.  This notion of community is strong among us and I, like you, have many times experienced the blessing of such service.hands-reaching-out

However, the call to ‘fall on our face’ and ‘look up’ together causes us to ask a deeper question: what is our true heart motivation for offering one’s hand to help another? 

It could be that our motivation is one that flows out of a heart that has been mastered by the Gospel; where the Gospel of grace has ‘gone downtown’ in our hearts and brought about deep transformation, leading to a godly longing to serve others.  It could be that our motivation flows out of a heart that is less discerning and tends towards seeking the value or acceptance of the other as we serve them.

It’s not my work to ‘assess’ the motivation of others.  However, it is my work to ‘assess’ my own motivation.  To do that effectively, I need the Holy Spirit and others to help me.

And it is my work to build up others by thanking them for the ministry and service they have had in my life.

2 Responses

  1. Motivations come mixed. I have detected that in addition to wanting God to bless others through me is a desire to feel useful or to “use” others to fulfill my objectives. A helpful filter is for me to ask God what He is doing in the lives of others and how He wants me to participate. It moves me out of the center and helps me keep God centered.

    • You hit the proverbial nail on the head! Offering one’s help and receiving the help of others call for us to check our motivations, asking God’s Spirit to search our hearts and lead us to the cross so that the hand we offer may be one ‘moved by grace’.

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