• Our hope-filled future is bound up in sharing the story of Jesus, in discipling others, in bringing those disciples together into communities of believers, and in developing and releasing those believers to create other communities... till Jesus the King comes again!

What actually happened?

Most people within the WT Global community probably have a foggy notion as to what is the role and function of the World Team Global Alliance (WTGA).  The WTGA provides20161004_105645 oversight and accountability for the global ministries of World Team.  What that means is that they ask the hard questions about the progress of our work (to multiply disciples and communities of believers) and the outcomes of the priorities set by the International Director.  This year, during our meetings in Thailand, our discussions centred around four main topics.

First, the relationships between the WTGA, the various Ministry Support Centre boards, and our ministry teams in the different Areas where we serve. What we do not want is to add additional layers of structure to our mission that impedes the growth and development of our current ministries.  The WTGA heard from Mike R (WT Asia) about the potential expansion of the International Service Corps beyond the Philippines which provided a tangible example for the WTGA to assess in this regard.  A working group was created to seek input from the WT Global community and present proposals back to the WTGA on the relationships between the WTGA, the various Ministry Support Centres, and our ministry teams.

Second, the assessment of the progress of our global ministries.  The WTGA approved a “Vital Signs & Gauges” assessment process and tool.  More about this in a future blog post summarizing the recent global leaders meetings.

Third, the purpose or objectives of our various global partnerships.  Currently, we have three that we are working: PWTC (Philippines WT Ministry Support Centre); IMM from CH; and Latin American Initiative. The WTGA, during this time, heard from the leader of the IMM from CH.  Each one of these partnerships calls for allocated resources.  Discussion focused on our ‘bandwidth’ capability to serve these partnerships and the desired outcomes that each partner has for these partnerships.  The WTGA tasked the International Director to respond to these two questions by meeting with leaders from each partnering body.

Finally, global priorities for 2017.  The WTGA approved in principles the priorities presented by the International Director for 2017:

  • Assess our WT global ministries to better resource our teams and projects
  • Grow WT Global to 500 members in the next five years
  • Initiate leader development at all levels

Your prayers and the input received from many prior to these meetings was greatly appreciated!

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