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CP 201

For the past year or so, I have been working through sets of notes from my seminary studies. Little by little, I’ve been storing my ‘hand written’ notes (that dates me!) by typing them up.  It’s been fun trying to decipher what I actually wrote at some points.  However, the greatest benefit has been the opportunity to review ideas and insights that I learned during tholearningse days and seeing their enduring importance to life and ministry.

A good number of us have some years of experience in the ‘work’ of church planting (CP) that God has called us.  It’s been a good while since our ‘learning’ or on the ground education time.  So, perhaps a ‘review’ of what we learned would serve to ‘fan the flame’ again of our passion for CP.  Such a review could serve as a good and needed reminder of those critical ideas and insights that are vital to life and ministry.

Over the next number of posts, I would like to review some ‘notes’ with you.  Let’s just say that we will be typing our notes together from CP 201.  Now as we pull that file (CP 201) from our filing cabinet, and look again at the syllabus of that advanced CP ‘course’, what would we discover was the overall objective?

‘Remembering’ is a biblical principle we find throughout the Scriptures.  “O LORD, I remember Your name in the night, And keep Your law.” (Psalm 119:55)  It will be fun to explore what we can learn together as we ‘remember’ what He has taught us.

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  1. David, I had to laugh at the timing of your post. For the past year, I’ve been gradually scanning my hand-written college class notes (actually paying a local, unemployed girl to do it!) and was in the middle of re-naming some of the files when your post arrived! And I must admit, it’s been interesting to review them. 🙂 Lisa

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