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Faulty foundations

Foundations are forever”.  However, can ‘foundations’ ever be changed?  If those ‘foundations’ are found in our own life and soul, can they be altered?  That is the discussion we’re having around this ‘virtual’ lunch table today.foundations-1

Obviously, our first answer would have to be that ‘all things are possible with God’ and that foundations can be changed by His powerful work in our lives.

Yet, the road to that change may be more difficult than we might imagine because along the way we will confront our weakness, our idols and our own naiveté.

Changing faulty foundations puts us face to face with our own weakness: that is, in our own strength, we are incapable of bringing about the long lasting change needed. Simply put, we need God.

Changing faulty foundations causes us to confront our own idols: the idol of reputation where we strive to have others think well of us; or the idol of self-sufficiency where we refuse to let others serve and help us because we don’t want to appear needy.

Changing the faulty foundations makes us aware of our own naiveté: that is, how little we really understand the depth of our sin and selfishness.  So many of the faulty foundations in our own lives and ministries are the fruit of our shaky grasp of the doctrine of original sin.

However, faulty foundations are also an opportunity to face head on those sinful habits and actions that need to be ‘put off’ in order, by grace, to ‘put on’ those qualities, those elements of character, those new foundations which will cause His name to be honoured in our lives and ministries.

An example of this kind of change would be helpful.  

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