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Humility check

humility-copyLisa corrected a misstatement in my previous post.  I had written: “Up to this point, I have not found ‘humility’ as one of the assessment categories on an annual evaluation.”  However, there was such a category in our old Annual Ministry Review form.

This is what you would have found there:

Christian Character—a godly life which shows evidence of God’s work being conformed to the image of Christ as demonstrated by:

  1. a humble, teachable spirit
  Requires Improvement   Satisfactory   Exceptional


The rub is that no one would have ever wanted to say that their humility factor was off the charts by checking the box, exceptional.

However, the point of that Annual Ministry Review exercise was to get ‘outside-in’ input from others on the ravages of pride in our lives.  Others help us have an accurate picture of where our trust is more in ourselves than in the Savior.  Most of us are self-unaware when it comes to how deep pride runs in our own hearts.  Jack Miller (Serge) used to say that at the root of every sin you would find pride and unbelief.

Humility, as a foundational principle for CPM, reminds us of how often ‘we’ get in the way of God’s missional work.

For a humility check, try asking several others: where do you see me relying more on myself than on Jesus?  Then be ready to take those responses back to Jesus, asking him to give you the grace to turn again from one’s pride and grab hold of His loving and forgiving hands.

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