• Our hope-filled future is bound up in sharing the story of Jesus, in discipling others, in bringing those disciples together into communities of believers, and in developing and releasing those believers to create other communities... till Jesus the King comes again!

Prayer DOES take planning

It’s good to hear how others respond to things we talk about in the WT Global community.  I was copied on this note the other day and thought it might ‘stir your minds and hearts’:

prayergroupsTo my field mates,

 I am not sure if everyone has been reading some of the emails from David but they are great reminders to why we need to gather to pray as a field, team.

 One quote was from a book by David Bryant that I especially like,  “Years ago, David Bryant wrote the book, Concerts of Prayer, in which he argued for prayer communities and offered a ‘format’ for hosting a concert of prayer.  What I pulled from the book could be simply stated: **** we need to pray together, in community.”

 I remember back in the early days when we were studying language. We were a small team and lived close to each other. We took the whole day off from school and we gathered as a team to pray and worship.

 I know it is not as easy today with us all spread out and we have more ministry going on but the importance of prayer as a large team is still just as important. The Day of Prayer happens only a few times a year so I encourage you all to take some time out as a team to pray. It doesn’t need to be for the whole day but a time in “community” to lift your concert of prayer to God.

 I don’t know how that will look for you but here I will be gathering on the roof of our teammates’ house in the morning. Not sure who else will be able to make it. Will send out specifics when I know.  For all of us, be creative.

 As we serve together,


I note a couple of important elements in this note: (1) team prayer demonstrates our need for community, and allows us together to lift our voices to God; (2) no specific pattern or agenda is necessarily required; we can be flexible in our community prayer time; and (3) some planning is needed to provide a context, a framework for the community to gather and pray.

Prayer is one of our guiding principles.  Prayer resets our focus ‘to the North’, to the One who is our Father and our God.  As one writer put it: “It is not that we need to pray for the work, prayer is the work!



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