• Our hope-filled future is bound up in sharing the story of Jesus, in discipling others, in bringing those disciples together into communities of believers, and in developing and releasing those believers to create other communities... till Jesus the King comes again!

Raise the sails!

This past Monday, I met with two young leaders from a small mission that is “re-building” itself.  I say ‘young’ because the two guys could have been my sons.  They asked me questions, almost nonstop, for 90 minutes.  Good questions; the kind that make you sit back and hesitate before you try to answer.  They were eager to learn from another.  They were passionate.  They were focused.

When I say that their mission is ‘small’, it does not do them justice.  Their numbers may be small, but their dream is huge and draws you in to want to know more abpelicanpnewall4out how they believe God will accomplish it.  Their vision caused me to want to help them, not criticize their efforts and strategies.

As I thought about all this later, I realized the dream was compelling, but it was their passion, their hunger to engage in the accomplishment of this vision that spoke to me.  It was as if, we were all on a sailboat together and these guys were screaming: “Raise the sails!  Get ready to ‘rock and roll’ because the wind is up!”  What would you do?  You would run to grab hold of one of those rope cords and start heaving to raise those sails.

God has laid on our hearts a dream, a vision of multiplying disciples and communities of believers among the unreached.  However, we ‘lack’ the passion at times to give our all for this missional endeavor.  When the call is heard to ‘raise the sails’, some of us prefer criticism and push back, rather than heart-y engagement.

As we begin to see the world as God does, as we recognize more and more the depth of His grace towards us, our hearts will ‘overflow’ with joy, with passion, with the unstoppable desire to grab that rope cord and join together in a movement.

4 Responses

  1. This is great – inspiring- love your last sentence “with the unstoppable desire to grab that rope cord and join together in a movement”

  2. Indeed…raise the sails! All on board! Count me in!

    The ship rushes on its way,
    shunning the breakers,
    dashing through the billows,
    certain of its track.
    The crew work it,
    but do not guide it.

    We can see the strong
    movements of the helm,
    and from time to time discern
    a firm hand which holds it.

    No chances, no winds or currents,
    bear it along at their will,
    but he who has launched it
    guides it,
    and he knows the course which it takes.

    p. 107, “The progress of doctrine in the New Testament” Lecture IV on The Acts of the Apostles, by Thomas Dehany Bernard, 1815-1904.

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