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Lost people matter

Have you ever come to the point where you have said to yourself: “I think I’ll just go and get a ‘regular’ job”?  As if to say that letting go of ministry would give you a ‘much easier’ life?

With a couple of colleagues, my wife and I are reading through the book: The Attentive Life.  I stumbled across this quote today in my reading: “The gracious indwelling of God with his people is not an invitation to settle down and forget the rest of the world: it is a summons to mission, for the Lord who indwells with his people is the one who goes before them in the pillar of fire and the cloud.  So the promise of his presence is clinched in the words, “Up, let us go hence.”  There is a mission to be fulfilled. There is a conflict to be waged with the powers of this world.”

Our calling is not one to a ‘cozy time by the fire’, but rather one where a God who abides in us, and we in Him, will cause us to see others as He sees them.  We will see lost people who © Martin Investigative Services, private investigators, www.marmatter to God.  We will see men and women created in His image, yet living broken lives separated from Him.

There are days when our calling wanes.  Those are the days when we need to drive our ‘root system of life’ deeper into Jesus, deeper into His steadfast love and grace.  Yet, it’s easy to tell ourselves we need to do that, but it’s just plain hard sometimes to make it happen.

That is why we need to cry out to God for His help in learning to ‘abide’ in Him; in learning to be attentive to Him in all that happens in our day.  We can remind ourselves of the importance of abiding. Others can remind us as well.  However, God needs to work in our hearts to cause us to draw near to Him and draw from His fountain of grace and wisdom.

Lost people do matter to God.  Abiding in God will thrust us out as cross cultural workers into the world with a renewed heart to share His Gospel.

Lost people matter to God.  Lost people will matter to us as well.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for this great reminder to cultivate the habit of attentively seeking and listening to God. Its great to take a break, a vacation and get a little extra sleep, but those good things without coming to Jesus for rest will not provide for deep soul restoration.

    • I found challenging material in the book, The Attentive Life. It’s pushing me out of my practical theology comfort zone, but it’s been very helpful, particularly in the area of considering how inattentive I can be to God.

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