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Praying Galatians

Yesterday, the WT France team held a ‘24 hr prayer vigil’. Team members were asked to choose an hour slot when they would be willing to pray for the members and work of the Franceteam.

The unique feature was that each participant was asked to read through the book of Galatians during his/her hour of the prayer vigil and use it as a guide in his/her prayers for other team members.

Praying Galatians. That was a unique twist.galatians-300x300

As I read and prayed, a number of verses seemed to come together to frame my prayers for those living and working here.  I could best summarize it by saying I began to pray for the Franceteam members that they would remember how ‘they were called in the grace of Christ’ and that they would freely share this message of grace with others, trusting God to call His people to Himself.

When the work of salvation is truly a work of grace, it is not tied to us and our efforts. God who poured out His grace into our hearts will be faithful to carry out that work in the hearts of others.  We are simply God’s ‘megaphone’ to proclaim to wonders of that grace, pleading with others to receive the gift of His love. All the while knowing that unless God opens one’s spiritual eyes, men and women will choose the darkness over the amazing light of His presence.

Praying Galatians was a unique way to guide our prayers yesterday.

If you’re feeling a bit discouraged or if you’re finding yourself starting to think that the ministry somehow ultimately ‘falls on your shoulders’, then take some time to read through the book of Galatians and use it to guide your prayers for your own heart.

5 Responses

  1. This is great – The Gospel allows us to anticipate the Grace of God “showing up” in our day to day lives and in our relationships…we point to Jesus; we invite them to the party where Jesus will be; and like you shared; He must open eyes; change hearts; and heal wounds. My heart shrinks back in fleshy fear that He won’t show up; won’t do HIs gracious miracles; etc.. Praying the scriptures gets my heart aligned with my faith; and I am back in the yoke that is easy and a delight!

    • I thought it was a unique way to ‘frame’ a 24 hour time of prayer for our Franceteam. Glad it could be an encouragement to others.

      • Definately – hope to do this with our “team” here in Germany someday

      • Will definitely pray for that! And may that happen soon so that people’s hearts can be stirred for the lost there where you serve.

  2. Very true. Thanks for posting for us all to see and follow suit!

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