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Lulled to sleep

Last week, I traveled west to North America to participate in the WT Americas leadership meetings.  On the way, I met up with my older brother, who took me out to dinner (midnight my time,18h00 his time).  Afterwards, he invited me to his place to watch a short video.  Sitting there in his living room after an 8 hour flight, dinner, and recognizing that it was now 02h30 for me, the video was all the ‘music’ needed to lull me to sleep. 

Ever happen to you? 

In the World Team Ministry Framework, we talk about ‘growing in character’ as a guiding feature of our organizational culture.  To grow implies that we have ‘progressed’ or changed from our current attitude, habit or practice to one that is more aligned with Christ and His calling on our lives.  However, if we are ‘lulled to sleep’, that growth is stagnant and we will continue to act, react and live in ways that are not ‘in line with the Gospel’ (Galatians 2:14)

The ministry, daily life, and all the ‘things’ we need to do in a day can easily cause us to forget, can easily ‘lull us to sleep’ in regards to our own inner spiritual life.  I believe it was Bobby C who said that most people stop growing before they hit 40 years of age. They simply ride the rest of the lives on what they have learned up to that point.

To wake ourselves out of our spiritual drowsiness, I would suggest the following step: begin to write a short paragraph in a journal each day.

Now I’m not the journal writer type, but I have found this to be a good way to start reflecting on where God desires growth in my life.  Summarizing briefly the main activity(or activities) of a day, allows me to begin to see links and focus on one specific area of growth.

You may have a better way, or further steps to suggest. The objective in the end though is to avoid being ‘lulled to sleep’.

2 Responses

  1. We have been working on developing more of a growth mindset vs. performance mindset to build our resistance and perseverance. I think one of the blessings of cross-culturally living is the opportunity to be pushed out of the “lull” of performance thinking. I see my gratitude for each day increasing as it is a “growth day” no matter what my circumstances are.

    • Well put! However, even our ‘growth mindset’ can be lulled to sleep by a failure to hold strongly to the Gospel, looking each day for the grace needed to discern how and where God wants us to grow, and looking to Him for the grace needed to grow.

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