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There is a BIG difference between a network and a movement

Sometimes when I talk, I can use words interchangeably that do not really mean the same thing.  For example, when I talk about networks and movements, I can make it sound like they are one and the same thing.  In reality, there is a BIG difference between networks and movements.

A network can be defined as: “An association of individuals or organisations having a common interest, formed to foster cooperation, provide mutual assistance, share helpful information, and attain a heightened awareness of the activities of the entities represented in the network.”  To put it in more down to earth language, a network is composed of people who choose to blend their forces together in a cooperative effort, all the while maintaining their own autonomy, identity, and ministry.

A movement however “is formed when individuals, groups or organizations unite into a single group with a common purpose, mission, values and strategic priorities.”  A movement involves bringing together diverse people and teams to work as one.  A movement creates a context or culture where everyone chooses to serve and work together in a united way towards the larger vision.paper boat

Why is it so important to make such a distinction?  Primarily because of ‘drift’.

‘Drift’ is where the original dream or vision of a group is slowly lost.  ‘Drift’ is where the call that brought each of us into this ministry movement has been muted.  ‘Drift’ is where life and ministry loses its passion because of being ‘self-comfortable’.

Whether you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s, one of the first ways to again ‘fan the flame’ of the movement is to sit and listen to a new worker making one of their first presentations to supporters.  It warms one’s heart to hear how God called them to work among these people, with this team, to fulfill this common vision.

Community prayer snapshot

I don’t know what you did today, but I spent the morning praying for Asia with the France team.

The room was divided into seven (7) stations.  At each station, we prayed for 15-20 minutes, in small groups, for the prayer points at that station.  We ‘moved around’ the room throughout the morning and prayed with different groups of different people.  At two stations, the group watched a short video from two of our teams in Asia.  Prayers were offered in French. Prayers were offered in English.  Prayers may have been offered in other languages.20170209_105127

One person commented as we were leaving, “I’m really glad I came this morning. It was so encouraging.”  Another said how good it was to be praying for and learning about another area of the world which he had never visited.

We would love h20170209_105153ear about your ‘community prayer snapshot’. Feel free to post those in the comment section.

Prayer leads us to “see the world as God does, to recognize more and more the depth of His grace towards us, and allow our hearts to ‘overflow’ with joy, with passion, with the unstoppable desire to grab that rope cord and join together in a movement.”